Enter into an agreement

Start up for AutoPASS for ferry is set to 01.01.2019

You can now register for an agreement and order an AutoPASS ferry card. If you order an AutoPASS ferry card, this will be sent to you by mail. Please note that the prepayment must be made before your agreement is valid.

Agreement terms

As a private customer you will receive a 50% discount when you register for the AutoPASS ferry account. As a corporate customer you will receive a 40% discount. To receive the discount, it requires a prepaid amount in your account.

Set prepaid amounts are set to:

  • Set prepaid amount vehicle class 1 (vehicles from 0 – 8 metres) NOK 3 400
  • Set prepaid amount vehicle class 2 (vehicles from 8,01 – 17,50 metres) NOK 13 500
  • Set prepaid amount vehicle class 3 (vehicles over 17,51 metres) NOK 25 600

Upon registration, all vehicles for which you want the AutoPASS ferry discount must be registered on your account.

Private customers may register two vehicles to an account, which means you can have two vehicles per set prepaid amount. The prepaid amount is calculated from the vehicle in the highest price category.

Corporate customers may register an unlimited amount of vehicles to an account. Corporate customers must provide their organisational number to be eligible for a corporate account. Corporate customers must pay one set prepaid amount per vehicle on their account.


To pay the set prepaid amount, you can use the following methods:

  • Invoice by mail
  • Invoice by e-mail

While using the AutoPASS ferry account, you will be able to pay for the ferry crossing using either your AutoPASS tag or your AutoPASS ferry card.

Start-up period

At start-up, only a few operators will offer using the AutoPASS-tag as payment method.

These operators are:

  • Anda – Lote
  • Bognes – Skarberget
  • Brekstad – Valset
  • Drag – Kjøpsvik
  • Flakk – Rørvik
  • Halhjem – Sandvikvåg
  • Mortavika – Arsvågen

Overview of all ferry operators attached to the AutoPASS ferry account solution

AutoPASS ferry card

Upon registering your agreement you can attach your AutoPASS tag or EasyGO tag to the vehicle. This will happen automatically if the system finds a tag number when you enter your vehicle registration number.

Upon registration you will have a choice to order an an AutoPASS ferry card for each vehicle. If the vehicle will only be using ferry operators with tag payment, you can choose not to order it. An AutoPASS ferry card costs NOK 50 per card, which will be deducted from your AutoPASS ferry account.

You need one AutoPASS ferry card per vehicle.