How to pay?

What discount will I receive?

Discount using only AutoPASS tag

Customers with a valid AutoPASS tag, but without a separate AutoPASS ferry account, receives a discount of 10% on ferry connections which offer payment with an AutoPASS tag.

Discount using prepaid AutoPASS ferry account

The AutoPASS ferry account is a web-based self-service solution which handles all ferry transactions, regardless of whether it’s paid with your AutoPASS tag or with the new AutoPASS ferry card. By prepaying, you get a higher discount when crossing:

  • Private customers: 50% discount
  • Corporate customers: 40% discount

To receive the discount, it requires the set prepaid amount to be fully paid in advance. Please be advised that there is a fee of NOK 50 per AutoPASS ferry card. You need one AutoPASS ferry card per vehicle.

What do I have to pay in advance?

Corporate customers must pay one set amount per vehicle, and can have an unlimited amount of vehicles on their AutoPASS ferry account.

Private customers pay only one set amount, and can have a maximum of two vehicles per AutoPASS ferry account.

  • Set prepaid amount vehicle class 1 (vehicles from 0 – 8 metres) – NOK 3 400
  • Set prepaid amount vehicle class 2 (vehicles from 8,01 – 17,50 metres) – NOK 13 500
  • Set prepaid amount vehicle class 3 (vehicles over 17,51 metres) – NOK 25 600

Manual payment

You can still pay manually on the ferry/ferry dock as before, but will not receive any discount.