Pay with FerryPay – a payment solution with no invoice or invoice fees, and no discounts

If you do not have an AutoPASS-approved tag, you can now avoid an invoice and invoice fee by post after your ferry journey. Create a FerryPay agreement to pay automatically by credit- or debit card.

With a FerryPay agreement, you can easily pay for your journeys on most ferries in Norway. The FerryPay agreement applies to all ferry connections in the AutoPASS for ferry scheme.

Paying with FerryPay means you will not receive invoices by post that each carry a NOK 35 including VAT invoice fee.

The number plate on your vehicle is read when you enter the ferry, and the credit or debit card you register in your agreement is automatically charged a full-price ticket. The receipt is then sent directly to your e-mail.

You can add as many vehicles as you wish to your agreement, including vehicles you do not own but want to pay ferry journeys for.

Create a FerryPay agreement

Want to save money on your ferry journeys?
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